VYD Metalcraft’s Incorporated, a company duly registered in the Philippines and considered as the top manufacturer in Asia for customized and personalized jewelry. World famous for its super deep engraving and high quality dazzling designs – all customers worldwide come to us with satisfaction. For over 30 years, our engineers, sales force and dynamic management are bound to work as a team, adding professionalism and corporate social responsibilities. We have been supplying to top name retailers with exquisite deep-engraved jewelry and personalized pieces. We have nurtured and grown our labor of love on every piece and have truly earned a reputation as the premier supplier of personalized and engraved jewelry. There is a world of sparkling and superb jewelry company – and you’ve found it!

Responsible corporate governance is a constant and priority commitment of VYD Metacrafts.

We consider good governance as a means of ensuring long-term sustainability and relevance in the rapidly changing markets where we compete. More positively, we see it as a principal driver of growth, value creation, and competitiveness.

VYD Metacrafts is in full compliance with the Code of Corporate Governance.

Beyond compliance, we are committed to raising the bar of good governance for ourselves, the business community, and the Philippine economy.