Our Metal & Stones

Our rings are made from the finest metals. We know that you value your rings and so we value our clients too.

(A) Stainless Steel / Siladium  is a stainless steel alloy, it is durable and high quality piece of metal. It is stronger than any silver or gold and can be polished with high gloss. This is a favorite metal for our Dallas Cowboys championship rings.

(B)Brass  an alloy of copper, alloy and zinc, which varies to achieve a variance of electrical properties. It is highly valued for its work-ability for jewelry production, durability ,rusting resistance, and very attractive appearance. This yellow metal is highly popular for our NBA championship rings.

(C)Pure Sterling Silver 925 an alloy of silver containing 92.5% weight of silver and 7.5% copper.  This metal is relatively soft which explains the 7.5% mix of copper for

Cubic zirconia is a cubic crystalline made from zirconium dioxide. Its hard, clear and usually colorless for Jewelry production. We only use high level and quality ziconia stones for our championship rings. We pride ourselves with quality.